The Top 3 Industries in Knoxville

The Top 3 Industries in Knoxville

If you look back to the turn of the century you will learn that Knoxville was a prominent marble distributor and became known as “The Marble City”. However, going back to civil war times, the city wasn’t always progressing. Many of the farmlands and natural resources were destroyed as the state was split about 50/50 with Union support to the north and confederate support to the south. So what are the industries that rule Knoxville today?

Federal Jobs

The Tennessee Valley Authority is a federally owned corporation that is based in Knoxville. They are the nation’s largest provider of public power and netted 1.21 billion in 2018. Although this data is from 4 years ago, there’s a good chance they are still doing financially well. They provide power to all of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.

The TVA was created by Congress by Theodore Roosevelt to assist the Tennessee Valley with amenities from flood protection to regional planning. This area was hit hard during the Great Depression. Today TVA provides jobs for over 10,000 people, approximately 1,200 of those are based out of Knoxville. 

Health Care

Covenant Health is a community-owned healthcare system that is the single biggest employer of Knoxville residents. Covenant was created by merging multiple practices and healthcare providers into one. They operate seven hospitals in east Tennessee and dozens of other rehabs, diagnostic centers, and philanthropic foundations. It really wouldn’t be surprising at all if you were looking into Knoxville real estate as a nurse or other healthcare worker. 

Not only do they employ over 10,000 people in Knoxville, but they also provide A plus service to their patients and quality employment to their staff. They have been rated on Forbes best employers list seven times. They are consistently growing and seeking to provide services to as many as they can reach. 


Between public schools and The University of Tennessee, the education sector of Knoxville has over 17,000 employees. UTK (University of Tennessee Knoxville) is the main campus of the University and is the State’s flagship of public education. In addition to the pride and joy of the state, there is Knoxville College, Johnson University, and Pellissippi State Community College. Knoxville was a primarily black college that was developed before the civil war to be a haven of education for African Americans during segregation.

There are 89 public schools and over 50 private schools in Knoxville. Some of the schools offer vocational or non-traditional programs. This is always a great resource for the children who are more interested in more of a hands-on or laboring career.

Although this is the third-largest city in Tennessee, Knoxville is quite extensive with over 190,000 residents. Greater Knoxville is a metropolitan area that is dense with residents of over 800,000. This gives you plenty of options when you’re looking for a new home. If you want something more with a city vibe, look at apartments or homes in Greater Knoxville. If you enjoy the luxuries of the quiet life, you can find a home just as easily in the suburbs.