The Growth of Lifestyle Influencers and Bloggers- A Short Guide to the World of Influencer Marketing

How Lifestyle Bloggers Became the New Social Media Influencers

Lifestyle bloggers, such as in the case of this article, are people who use blogs or social media accounts to share their lifestyles and interests with others. They can be seen as a type of influencer, or someone that has a large following on social media and is able to influence buying decisions.

Social media has been a major part of a lot of people’s lives for the past decade. Even for those that were not on board with the idea from its conception, it is now hard to imagine life without it. And one group that has benefited from this new form of communication are those who blog- those who use blogs or social media accounts to share their lifestyle and interests with others.

Bloggers are some of the most influential people in the world when it comes to social media. They have a lot of power in what people buy and what trends they follow. That is why companies work with lifestyle bloggers in order to get their products and services seen.

Many companies want social media influencers that will speak well about their products and services, or at least not talk about it negatively. One way that companies do this is by working with bloggers who will promote their brands and share positive reviews of their products and services.

Lifestyle bloggers often become paid ambassadors for these brands, which means they post sponsored content on the blog, but sometimes they also get involved with designing outfits or test out new products before they come out to the public for sale.

What are the Advantages to Becoming an Online Lifestyle Influencer?

Becoming an influencer has many advantages and these aren’t limited to the super high follower account megastars of the influencer world, even smaller personal brands can see the benefits.

Online lifestyle influencers can offer a sense of belonging to their followers through their approachable personalities and honest opinions. Becoming an influencer is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in this new digital world.

The biggest advantage to becoming an online lifestyle influencer is the opportunity for financial gain. With successful Instagram accounts, you can make six figures per year from affiliate sales, sponsored posts, and brand collaborations. It’s not just Instagram though (although it is a popular route to success) influencers are able to monetize their following in various ways. Some of these ways include direct sponsorship deals, affiliate marketing deals, referral marketing deals, and advertising deals.

Some individuals choose to leverage social media in order to promote themselves and their lifestyles. They use this platform to share their personal interests, hobbies, travels, and lifestyles with followers.

Conclusion- Building a Successful Career as a Lifestyle Blogger

So what about myself?

I wouldn’t quite consider myself a super successful influencer as, in fact, I am still working full time to pay the bills and then influencing in my spare time. That being said, I have still been able to build a community and have also seen some financial benefit too!

In fact, the first time I knew that this was a viable thing to do was when I got an email from a Thai travel company asking to place an advert on my very first travel blog. Actually, I am not sure they made much money from it themselves as I was still learning, and it could have been considered a mistake on their part… but from my perspective, it lit a fire inside of me and I have been blogging and influencing ever since.

I started off with my travel blog that was about finding cheap places to see and cheap things to do in various cities that I had been to around the world.

It became quite laborious to write very similar topics and just switching up the names of the cities and I wasn’t building up the community that I wanted. The traffic tended not to be repeat traffic as they were only interested in one city in particular so had no reason to keep coming back.

I eventually ended up selling that site and setting up a variety of other blogs until I landed upon my main blog and YouTube channels and you are on my interior designing blog for creative output right now!