Selection of Flooring and Ceiling

Flooring and Ceiling is the main feature of any space because one is present under you and the other is present above you. For a place with good aesthetics the selection of marble or tile for the flooring is very important and similar is the case for Ceiling. Presently a lot of improved techniques are introduced that are very easy for a fantastic design of a room.

The main thing that matter is the selection of the material and design, both of these depends upon the interests of the inhabitants and definitely the decisive thing at the end of the day will be the budget.


Flooring can be done with a stone chip, marble, plane tiles, printed tiles, epoxy, etc. If someone has a reasonable budget then he should go for fluid-applied flooring as it is the most advanced technique and in it, epoxy and polyurethane are the best ones.

Moreover, wood flooring is also another good option many different species of wood are used in wood flooring in two primary forms which are plank and parquet. Hardwoods are generally much more durable than softwoods. Moreover, reclaimed lumber has a unique appearance and it is used in the green buildings concept. It is noticeable that the thermal conductivity of the hardwood flooring is less as compared to laminate wood flooring.

Another technique of flooring is Lamination it is a plastic covering at the top of plywood or medium-density fibreboard. It seems to be similar to Hardwood.

Polished Concrete is also a very beautiful technique that is accompanied by epoxy and the end result is quite glossy and aesthetically appealing.

Basically, for the selection of the type of flooring, it depends upon the place in which the building is present like in the areas where there is a rainy climate then the selection will be of tiles, marbles, etc. For Indoor the wood flooring is quite appreciable.


Ceilings are generally considered as an afterthought during the design but they are very important part of your room look and feel. Some elements that should be kept in mind for a beautiful ceiling design:

  • Esthetics

          Ceilings can have a major visual role in how your room design looks and feels, but they need not be anything fancy, you may decide to go with something as simple as two color contrast design as well as you can go with some beautiful color combinations.

  • Lighting

          Choosing drop-down lighting or fixtures in warmer colors will make it easy for inhabitants to see and feel inviting and welcoming at the same time.

  • Using windows or skylights

          Windows and skylights can bring more light in nature and if you don’t have or don’t want to install a lot of light fixtures in your ceiling then this is the best option. Using natural light for at least part of your lighting needs is free once the initial installation is done and it can give you a mood boost too.