What is Scandinavian interior design?

Scandinavian interior design has become the latest trend in the interior design industry. The Scandinavian region is mainly identified as the area consisted of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Some people add Finland and Iceland to the Scandinavian region. However, it has its own unique qualities over other interior design practices. There are 5 key unique qualities that made people crazed over Scandinavian interior design.

Relaxing view over mountains

1. Sense of Calm

Scandinavian interior design has given priority to create a cosy living environment inside the house while designing the interior. Scandinavian interior design gives the resident, relaxation from the stress whilst working from home. It gives optimum satisfaction to the residents and basically gives a sense of calmness which is missed from the stressful daily routine. Free space is promoted inside rooms overcrowding the space with furniture.

2. Closer to Nature

Scandinavian people are very close to nature. They love to frequently live in the natural environment. Scandinavian countries are covered with beautiful mountains and natural forests. Scandinavian interior designers wanted to bring this natural environment into the houses. That is how the Scandinavian interior started to move with the natural environment. They used natural materials as wool, sheepskin, mohair, linen, jute, and natural textiles and upholstery to improve the natural environment inside the house. Domestic plants are also an essential part of Scandinavian interior design.

Lighting in hallway

3. Unique Lighting Techniques

In Scandinavian countries, they only have daylight for a little time as seven hours. That is the main reason they have many concerns about lighting options inside the house. They use wall scones and pendant lamps for lighting purposes. It gives an eternal elegance to the interior design. Sometimes, candle lights and candelabras are also added to the interior design. It can make your living room more romantic and cosier. Window coverings are also mostly limited for light fabrics to get more daylight inside the house.

4. Unique Colour Selection

Scandinavian interior design has its unique sense of colour selection. Gray, white, brown, and black are the colours mostly used in interior design. The main principle of having these neutral colours is to create a clean and soothing effect inside your house. Also, colours in the green colour pallet are used, to make a natural environment inside the house.

Scandinavian interior design furniture

5. Unique Furniture Designs

Design packages come with their own unique set of furniture designs. Decorations can come with metallic finishes as well as wooden finishes. Mostly light wood is used in designs like Beach, Ash, and Pine. The very common feature in furniture is the compass legs and this can be seen in the chairs, tables, and sideboards. In Scandinavian interior design, it is not normal to crowd the space with lots of furniture. It is usual to have a cosy living environment inside the house. Placing the furniture in the right spot to protect the cosiness inside the house shows the unchallenging greatness of the Scandinavian interior design.

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