Industrial interior design is mainly inspired by industrial structures like warehouses and factories. Industrial interior designs use materials like bare bricks, metals, wood, and recycled materials. Industrial interior designs are highly dependent on your home design architecture. The best thing about the industrial interior design is that you can customize the look using furniture and décor compared to other genres.

The origin of the industrial interior design is not clear. It is highly believed that industrial interior design is originated at the beginning of the 20th Century. After the 2nd industrial revolution, people tend to follow trends toward globalization. In this era, lots of factories were shut down and their productions were shifted to other countries. After that, vacant buildings were taken as residential buildings. That is the beginning of the industrial interior design genre.

 There are some unique features that industrial design has unique status over other design genres.

1.    Neutral Colour selection

In industrial interior designing, most of the time neutral colours are used. Neutral colours can easily fit into the pre-industrial used building interior. Colours like grey, brown, black, and white are used in industrial interior design. When the designer wants to go bold in some partitions he goes with colours like red, green, and orange.

2.    Unique lighting techniques

Most industrial interior designers love to add bare Edison bulbs inside to get that factor vibe. It gives that ancient factory feeling inside the house. Cage lights are also used in industrial interior designs. There are fabricated iron bars around these lights. Pendant bulbs are also used in industrial interior design. When adding pendant bulbs they should be low hanging with wide shades. Multi-directional floor lamps are also used in interior designs most of the time for lighting purposes.

3.    Exposed brick walls, metal beams and pipes

Industrial buildings normally have exposed brick walls. When converting abandoned industrial lofts into living spaces, they left exposed brick walls untouched. Now it has become a significant part of industrial interior design. They have drywall plastered over original bricks in modern houses to get that factory vibe. Metal beams and pipes also have become key elements in the modern industrial interior design genre. They add metal beams and pipes to enhance the industrial look.

4.    Furniture with antique look

Furniture has an antique appearance in industrial interior design. Distressed leather sofas are a common item in industrial interior design. It gives an expensive vintage look inside the living room. Industrial pipes and metal frames can be seen in the bookcases and tables. Industrial interior design mainly involves metal and wood. Stainless cabinetry machined hood and exposed ducts give an industrial feeling inside the kitchen.

5.    Excess use of uncommon metal equipment

Copper pans and pots are normally inside the kitchens. It gives an exceptional industrial look inside the kitchen. Industrial interior designers love to add more metallic silver colour into houses. You can see silver-coloured fittings inside the bathroom especially. Shiny, steely equipment and fittings are common things in industrial interior design.

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