5 Ways To Get Bohemian Interior Design In Your Home

bohemian interior design

Bohemian interior design is an excellent choice for any room in your home. It’s full of visual interest and has an overall relaxed feeling to it, but how do you get this look right without coming off as heavy-handed?

Bohemian interior design style features bright patterns and memorable layers that are hard to miss or forget about because they are so unique, making them perfect for the interior design of rich spaces! Just remember not to go overboard on anything specific when decorating, even though its distinctiveness might tempt us otherwise. Here are five ways to add a bohemian touch to your home.

Simple Base

A neutral color palette is always wise when it comes to choosing a base tone for bohemian décor. If you choose an intense, vibrant hue as your starting point, there’s a high chance that the choice will be too rich, and once saturation kicks in after some time has passed since its inception, boredom may set in quickly, leading to chaos within the space.

Therefore, instead of going with bright hues as your initial motifs for this design style, opt towards muted tones that are more soothing. It would prove much wiser overall because they offer longevity and harmoniousness, which can help create balance throughout even if other colors or patterns were added later on down the line.


plants in a bohemian interior design

It is inexpensive and easy to grow plants to create a relaxed vibe. Plants also purify the air while adding colorful pops without interfering too much with other design elements or confusing the eye.

Hanging planters are one great addition that can add character, depth, and interest to any bohemian-style room. As you shop around, be sure to keep personality-driven designs in mind.

 Different plants in different scales are an effective way to bring your bohemian style home alive. A simple hanging basket can be transformed into something more ornate and sculptural by planting various types of greenery inside it.

Decorative Materials

Boho is the opposite of minimal, modern, and sleek. The key to using decorative materials in a Boho room is mixing and matching them together. A natural material like burlap is paired with silk or chenille, for example. Fringe, crochet, macramé abound – pillows on couches combined with curtains hanging from windows give it an overall cosy hangout vibe. Canopies over beds especially are signature embellishments, are often used when creating spaces designed according to bohemian interior design.

Bohemian Furniture

Bohemian furniture is usually found in vintage shops and second-hand stores. Each piece of furniture should be unique, telling a story when you look at it. If you love the item, then that’s what will fit right into your Boho room.

 Everything from couches to chairs with saturated colours like purple or pink helps create an inviting atmosphere for everyone who enters your home. Throw rugs on top of floor pillows make significant seating areas everywhere too.

Bohemian interior design style garden chair

Accessorize Artistically

Creative accessories will make your home look like you have travelled the world, even if you haven’t. Get bold with artistic pieces that are less ordinary for cultured talking points.

You should buy some fabulous antiques from an antique store to display to give off a worldly vibe without travelling yourself!