8 Eye-Catching Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

No matter if you have just bought, selling your home, or just been living there for a while. It’s time for a new bedroom color scheme! One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is deciding on colors. When it comes to picking out paint colors, there are so many options available. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with eight eye-catching ideas that will help you find your perfect palette.

Light Lilac

This serene nook is proof that you can decorate with color while still being understated. Though it’s bursting with shades of lavender, this little oasis also exudes calm energy. The key to creating an exciting space using pastel colors is the contrasting textures and finishes throughout each element in the room.

Blush Pink with Grey

This whimsical bedroom scheme will have you blushing. It’s “Exuberantly feminine, yet resolutely chic”-just like your favorite go-to makeup kit. An exotic plant with glossy green leaves will add texture to this space. A nubby gray bench in the bedroom will keep it from becoming too precious, while fur will throw layers of coziness into this look.

All Earthy Shades

To make your bedroom look natural, integrate earthy colors like browns and grays. If you use darker hues throughout the room, consider adding lighter pieces to create balance. The white shelves in your room will offset the dark tones while still staying true to an “earthy aura.” You can also add patterns into solid color rooms with pillows or rugs with texture and color. You can place an antique wool rug that will add both elements of color along with a textured feel for extra interest in the space without taking away from its overall design aesthetic.

White And Green

White and green is a grand color scheme for your bedroom. It will make it look fresh, pure, timeless (and pretty). You can add a light fixture such as the coco bead camel chandelier to give it some interest too! For something even better, try swapping out blooming flowers with different seasonal ones, so you have not only lovely-looking greenery but also intriguing scents throughout your room.

Chocolate Color

To create a bedroom with chocolate accents, start by finding furniture and floors that are dark wood. Then choose classic neutrals like gray or beige for the walls to provide contrast between your room’s primary color scheme of browns/chocolates and whites/neutral colors. Add texture through pillows, throws, etc., then incorporate art into the decor as well.


To create a vibrant space to unwind in your bedroom, decorate it with bright yellow and pops of turquoise. If you decide to incorporate yellow into the room, make sure you introduce contrasting colors so that the eye isn’t overwhelmed by too much color. If desired, you can choose some black side tables or wood flooring alongside this chic choice of the color palette; these will go perfectly together.

Green And Orange

In the winter, pull together a bedroom that incorporates your favorite color and season! The green and orange color scheme can be accomplished by picking bright bedding, lighting, and decor. If you decide to use bold colors, balance them with muted colors such as tan or white so the room doesn’t appear too loud.

Gold Sheen Color With Royal Red

The gold sheen accent wall will create a glorious feeling as soon as you step into the room. You can opt for red pillows and lamps to give it a royal touch. To successfully pull together an elegant and regal master bedroom, introduce muted tones, so you don’t overwhelm the space with vibrant reds and yellows.